11/03/2017 - Robokids STEM Day

180 Girlguiding members gathered across Kent on Saturday, to show that ‘Girls Can’ be space engineers, at the event supported by Spacefund. 

Girls as young as seven had the opportunity to build a Mars Rover, use an iPad to programme the Rovers to move around, shoot rockets, and even build programmable hands from straws! They also had to engineer a capsule that could provide safe passage for an egg to make it to the ground from a first floor building in one piece. The girls also enjoyed a 40-minute show which was a fun and inspiring journey into the future of Space, Programming and Robots. 

The day was organised as a celebration of the International Day of Women in Science, a yearly event created to engage more women and girls into science. In 2016, Girlguiding found that 52% of girls aged 11-21 felt that STEM subjects have the image of being more for boys, and Space Engineers Day was the ideal opportunity to challenge that. 

Kayleigh, 9, from Faversham who took part in the event said: the best part of the day was when got to make a robot out of Lego and then we used an iPad to make it move around! It was so interesting and fun and not something I’ve done before!

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